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Lose Weight and keep it off with a low carb diet!
I know how it feels to be failing miserably at maintaining a healthy diet. Weight gain is rampant and you are constantly bombarded with new and growing fads claiming to be the ultimate diet for quick weight loss.

I am here to let you know there is a way to lose weight and keep it off with an easy low carb diet that is not only an effective weight loss program, but a program that offers wonderful options for healthy, delicious meals. The key to successful weight loss is finding a realistic way of eating that allows you to enjoy food while maintaining a healthy weight. You need to find a diet you can stick to as part of a healthy lifestyle. I will give you tantalizing meals and tips to keep you on track with easy to follow videos and recipes.

I follow the premise of the Atkins Diet developed by Cardiologist, Dr. Robert C. Atkins in the early 1970’s. This diet is still one of the most popular diet plans to promote weight loss and maintain life-long health. Researchers are finding more and more evidence a low carb diet allows for:

  • Higher HDL Cholesterol (good cholesterol)
  • Weight loss and management
  • Nutrition
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower blood insulin level
  • Improved triglycerides
  • Reduce blood glucose for diabetics

Dr. Atkins believed that eating the right balance of carbs, proteins and fats would allow for weight loss. My recipes are designed using this very formula to help you stay on track and continue to live a low carbs lifestyle.

So what is at the root of weight gain? The consumption of too many bad carbs leads to imbalanced blood sugar levels, weight gain and cardiovascular problems. Bad Carbs to avoid include:

  • Refined grains like white bread, white rice and enriched pasta
  • Cake, candy cookies and chips
  • White potatoes
  • Sweetened soft drinks
  • Sugar

Maintaining consistent blood sugar levels throughout the day will help you control your eating habits and sudden hunger pangs that can be a real culprit in sabotaging your well intentioned diet plans. Learning to eat on a continuous schedule from 3-5 times a day to help maintain consistent blood sugar levels stops your body from going into “starvation” mode which tells your brain to store fat.

The main factors that make a low carb diet effective for weight loss include:

  • Protein consumed in a low carb diet keeps you feeling full longer, so you eat less.
  • Considerable portions and a wide variety of foods make you cheat less.
  • A low carb diet allows you to burn energy as opposed to store fat.
  • The protein in a low carb diet helps to jump start your metabolism.
  • Effective weight loss through a low carb diet helps keep you healthier to avoid conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

I invite you to join me in living the low carb lifestyle by learning the fundamentals of healthy eating. I can’t wait to hear your success stories as we continue on this journey together.

Stay healthy and live well,


Low Carb Hamburg Casserole

This Low Carb Hamburg Casserole is a quick and easy meal to put together. This recipe was created by Diana Keuilian but she uses sweet potato, so I used cauliflower in its place. Mind you, I like both of them but I wanted my carb count to be lower so cauliflower was my choice for …

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Low Carb Broccoli and Ham Soup

I had bought a large shoulder ham and thoroughly enjoyed it for a couple of meals but that was enough for me.

I am always looking for a recipe to use my left over ham and the combination of broccoli and ham is right down my alley.

You could have this Low Carb Broccoli and …

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Low Carb Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

Well I was staying at my daughters for the week to help her with the birth of her daughter. Yes I am a Grandma for the second time and truly enjoying every minute of it. So I had to find where everything was in her kitchen so I could put this recipe together for you. …

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Low Carb Ham and Cheese Egg Cups

I was having a large group of friends coming over for brunch and needed some healthy low carb food to serve for the occasion. So one of the recipes I decided to serve is this Low Carb Ham and Cheese Egg Cups. They are absolutely deli shes. You can bake them to have a solid …

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Low Carb Rosemary Focaccia Bread

Most people are carbaholics and when you decide to change your diet to low carb , keto or paleo you are dropping all those breads, crackers with all those bleached flours and ingredients that I feel are not good for you
Now I have made other Low Carb Focaccia Breads so I thought I …

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Low Carb Creamy Broccoli Soup

This Low Carb Creamy broccoli Soup is one of the fastest and easiest recipe to make. The flavor could easily be served in a fine restaurant. I just pour the soup into missionary jars and put in the fridge until ready to eat up and serve. I find I eat more soup in the cooler …

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Low Carb Mushroom Soup

This week I sort of struggled as to what to make for you. I came up with a low carb mushroom soup. I love the flavor but I found it quite runny and usually mushroom soup is creamier. So I must say we put our soup in a cup and drank it. You have 2 …

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