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Before I even get started it is very important to me to share that I love the Lord with all my heart and I owe everything to him, who gave his life for me. He is my reason for living and I work hard to live a life that is pleasing to Him. If you are searching to bring Christ into your life watch this video it will help guide you. is a blog aimed at those interested in losing and maintaining your weight by eating Low Carb Food. I want to share some amazing, delectable and tasty dishes that I have experimented with, shared with friends and family or found in books and online, that will change your view on healthy eating and help you lose weight and keeping it off.

You will find

Useful articles and videos aimed to guide you in creating delicious recipes and give you a variety of choices to keep you from being bored with low carb eating. Atkins and other Low Carb recipes will be illustrated.


Who is Gayle McLeod?

My name is Gayle and after working for 32 years I finally was able to pack my bags and retire. Still to young and have a lot of spark left in me I could not just sit around and do nothing. Empty nester of 5 with a wonderful husband and two cats, I knew this was my chance to do what I want. I’ve had a passion for cooking and always looking for a healthier way to eat.  For years I have never been happy with my weight (felt I needed to lose 30 pounds). My success rate varied with every diet I tried, only to gain the weight back after going back to my old ways.

Studies, statistics and reality show me that there are a small percentage of people that can keep the weight off. Let’s face it we are creatures of habit and gradually revert back to the foods that we crave, that are not good for us.

Speaking of old habits, my vice was that I loved potato chips. I would eat every crumb from the bottom of a large bag in one sitting, in place of a meal. I remember leaving work at the end of my shift and the first stop was the closet convenience store to pick up a bag. It would be empty before I pulled into the driveway.  There was something about the starchy, salty, high carb snack that continued to draw me in.

I struggled to stay away from chips, but I kept giving into the temptation.  For short periods I would completely eliminate them from my diet, but only to replace them with some other high carb substitute. I didn’t even really know what carbs were at that time. I had heard there were good carbs and bad carbs, but had no clue what the difference was. So out of curiosity, I started to search the internet to see if I could learn the difference, and start to educate myself on making better choices.

I found that good carbs are to be consumed in moderation and bad carbs are to be avoided as much as possible. Some carbs promote health, while others, if eaten too frequently or in large quantities, can lead to many health problems.


  • Low glycemic fresh fruits, like apricots, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries
  • Non-starchy vegetables, asparagus, green beans, broccoli
  • Nuts
  • Unsweetened dairy products, such as yogurt, sour cream, cheese


  • Refined grains like white bread, white rice and enriched pasta
  • Cake, candy cookies and chips
  • White potatoes
  • Sweetened soft drinks
  • Sugar

So where should I go from here I wondered?

I stumbled onto the ATKINS DIET, I was so intrigued thinking that I could eat all the meats and salads and other delicious meals and lose weight. Whether you’re an old hand at Atkins, or just starting out, or exploring whether a low-carb lifestyle is for you, you’ll agree that gaining weight is easier than trying to loss those extra pounds.

This was a Revelation!

Stay tune, more to come!




  • Deborah

    I would love to hear the rest of your story. How long until you can share the rest of your your Atkins journey?

    • gmcleod1

      Hi Deborah, I don’t even know if I call it the Atkins Journey anymore. It is a journey of me creating low carb recipes to help myself and others to lose weight and maintain it. Atkins was the starter for me but I am not happy with the products they are trying to push onto you and me. Atkins has the right concept but I think they have strayed. If you read some of my articles you will see that I have fallen off the wagon and put on 10 lbs, those darn chips still are evil but I love them. I do go back on induction and lose the weight and get back on track once more.
      This blog is my continuing story with my videos and recipes and I hope I am helping people all over the world to succeed.
      That is it for now and thank you for coming to visit.

      • Deborah

        Well, thank you for sharing your journey. Your love for good, healthy food and your love for Christ. I am inspired once again to enter the battle of weight loss/control. It is a lifelong challange (I just turned 65 and have fought the battle my whole life). Low carb is the only solution that has ever worked for me and that is because it is so satisfying and versatile. Keep on with what you are doing. And again, THANK YOU!

        • gmcleod1

          You are very welcome Deborah, I find Low Carb is the only way for me. I wish you the best and don’t hesitate to message me if you need support. Messages like this inspires me to continue sharing my recipes. Take Care and God Bless. You can do it!

  • Alice Callicrate Bair

    Gayle, you are such a lovely person! I’ve recently found several of your recipes! I just knew you knew Jesus! You shine through your videos! You are so tender and kind with the way you share! Thank you for being here and on YouTube. You have a huge mission field to share Christ with! Well done! I watched your opening video just now on your blog. I was in tears! I’m so thankful to God for you! God bless you, Gayle! ?✝?

    • Gayleslowcarbrecipeideas

      Hi Alice,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. God Bless!

  • Janet H

    is there an easy way to get the printed recipes? I’m clicking and hopping and hoping and nothing yet. lol. Love that you know Who to Thank! I’m a subscriber and staying put. Most times, open doors are meant to walk through. For both sides! Thanks for the trailblazing and encouragement 🙂

    • Gayleslowcarbrecipeideas

      Hi Janet,
      You could copy and paste and put on a word document if you would like. Take Care!

  • Marsha K

    Gayle, Why Xylitol in a lot of your recipes? Does it bake better than Erythritol or Swerve (which is Erythritol too) I know that Splenda particularly the granulated kind has a lot more carbs. Is it cheaper?

    • Gayleslowcarbrecipeideas

      Hi Marsha,
      I sort of switch back and forth from Erythritol to Xylitol. I like them both, Erythritol is my favorite because I find I don’t get the gas etc. but Erythritol is more expensive. If I remember correctly I was introduced to Xylitol first so used it in many recipes. Take Care and nice talking to you:)

      • Marsha K

        Thank you so much for your reply. I’m recently started on my journey so I hope you will allow me to pick your brain a bit. I’m taking your advice to powder the Erythritol, so I will be buying a Ninja, my question here is when you need a cup surely the powdered product would be more ( concentrated?) ie wouldn’t you end up using more of the powdered product than the granulated? Should I be adjusting the sugar down in this case? Is there a conversion chart or is this something you’ve done yourself through trial and error?

  • Nathan Ayres

    Why in your revised version of flaxseed chips did you use almond flour?

    • gmcleod1

      Hi Nathan
      In the revised recipe I changed up and used golden flaxseed because it has a milder flavor then dark flaxseed and I added almond flour to lighten up the flavor also adding a variety of more spices to try and improve my cracker. Take Care!

      • Nathan Ayres

        Thanks for your reply.

  • Sara

    Hi. I love your videos. Who plays the wonderful piano music at the start of your videos? You have 2 different pieces.

  • Sara

    Hi. I love your videos. Who plays the wonderful piano music at the start of your videos? I believe you have 2 different pieces.

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