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What Kind of Salt Should You Use?

Please STAY AWAY from plain old refined table salt!
Salt in its natural form is referred to as unrefined salt. Unrefined salt has not been altered by man it contains many different minerals and elements that are useful for the body.

Our bodies actually need salt, but most research has revolved around refined table salt …

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Ideas for Low Carb Summer Recipes

Ideas for Low Carb Summer Recipes

Low Carb Summer Recipes

I quickly decided that being on a low carb diet was not going to keep me sitting on the sidelines at every yummy summer barbecue. Instead, I was determined to come up with some low carb summer recipes that would allow me to maintain my healthy weight AND still …

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Low Carb Diet Loves Fitness

diet-and-fitnessOne thing I have learned about life is that you usually have to work for the things that are worth having. Good relationships take work, success in your career takes work and staying healthy really does take work. But staying healthy does not have to be a chore! When it comes to living the low …

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Phase 4 of Atkins Diet

Atkins acheiversPhase 4 of Atkins Diet: the Low Carb Lifestyle

I never thought I would do it, but I did.  I reached my ideal weight and when I did I was bound and determined to never let those pounds creep back again. I owe it all to the guidance from the Atkins low carb diet. I …

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Pre-maintenance Phase 3

Atkins Phase 3 photoAtkins Low Carb Diet Pre-maintenance: The Final 10 Pounds

The last 10 pounds of the Atkins low carb diet are like the last legs of a big race. You may feel worn down and maybe even doubtful you will ever reach that finish line. What I found helpful was concentrating not on the thought I …

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Phase 2 of Atkins Weight Loss


Atkins Low Carb Diet: Phase 2 Guidelines for Ongoing Weight Loss

Nothing is a better incentive to continue on a successful diet plan than weight loss. I found after my induction phase on the Atkins low carb diet I was so revved up by my success I was more than ready to move on to

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Sugar Substitutes

sugar-substitutesLow Carb Sugar Substitutes to Keep Your Sweet Tooth Happy

I have discovered many delicious low carb sugar substitutes that you can enjoy guilt free and use to help satisfy your sweet tooth. These are excellent options to help keep you on track with your low carb diet.

Types of Sugar Substitutes

I use two

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