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Low Carb Stuffed Egg Warp

We were out visiting our Son in Calgary and decided to have our breakfast at a restaurant. There menu was amazing, you could order anything. I ended up ordering a Wrap stuffed with bacon, mushrooms, eggs and cheese, then to top it off they finished it off with Hollandaise Sauce.

Now the wrap was not an low carb so I thought why can’t I make a wrap that is low carb that is quick and easy.

So I decided to experiment with eggs. I used a 10″ pan so it would be a perfect size and tried making the wrap with 2 eggs. This did not work, it was to thick and fluffy so I thought why not try one egg and this was perfect. It was very flexible nice and thin, just perfect!

So once I got the wrap down pat the rest was a piece of cake.

The nice thing is I prepare all the ingredients ahead of time so all I have to do is make my wraps in the morning and stuff them, heat them up and you are already to go.

So lets get started and I will show you how to make them!

Hollandaise Sauce

10″ non stick frying pan

2 egg yolks

2 Tbs fresh squeezed lemon

dash cayenne pepper which is approx 1/16th of a teaspoon

salt and pepper to taste

1/2 cup melted butter

In a food processor or use a hand mixer with a container

add the egg yolks, salt and pepper, blend well.

Gradually add the melted butter, blend well.

If you find the Hollandaise Sauce to thick, add a little bit of water.

Egg Wraps

1 egg

Nonstick Pan

Bacon Grease, Oil or Pam Spray

Add a small amount of grease of some sort in your nonstick pan

Heat up you pan so it is very hot.

In a bowl crack one egg and blend well, salt and pepper to taste

Pour the egg into the hot skillet and swirl the egg around until you have covered the bottom of the pan.
Cook until the top of the egg looks shiny, it should slide out or use a egg lifter.
Place on a piece of parchment paper
Repeat the same process until you have made as many as you need.
Just stack them on parchment paper.

Put Wraps Together

In advance

Scramble eggs

Shred any kind of cheese ( any kind, I used Cheddar)

Cook up your bacon and cut into pieces

Cook your mushrooms in the bacon grease.

Instructions to Put Wraps Together

Place Egg Wrap on plate
Top wrap with scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms and cheese.
Roll the wrap and place the seam of the wrap to the bottom of the plate service.(watch the video for illistration)
Heat in microwave to melt the cheese or use a Hamilton Grill or Waffle Maker. They will all work.

Servings: 5  (Hollandaise Sauce)

Yield: .6 net carbs per serving

Hollandaise Sauce Nutrition

1 Egg Wrap   .3 carbs

Stuffed Egg Wrap without Hollandaise Sauce

One serving: 1.4 carbs

Stay Healthy and Live Well!


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