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Why Low Carb Diet?

weightlostsilhouettegirlFirst of all a Low Carb Diet is a diet that limits carbohydrates. There are high carbohydrate foods and low carbohydrate foods. The high carb foods are grains, starchy vegetables and fruits such as pastas, breads, potatoes, corn and pineapple. Proteins, fats and a variety of non-starchy vegetables are lower in carbs such as beef, …

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Low Carb Green Bean Delight

Low Carb Fresh Green Bean Delight!

There is no need to eat plain when eating low carb. When I was growing up we ate green beans out of a can, in fact almost all my vegetables were out of a can. Once I experienced fresh vegetables there was no looking back! One of my favorite …

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Low Carb Ham, Broccoli and Cheese

Low Carb Ham, Stuffed with Love, Broccoli and Cheese

Why eat plain old ham? Let’s spruce it up with Broccoli and Cheese!! It is a great combination and very low in carbs.

Tip: Buy a Pre Cooked Ham, go to your deli department and ask them to slice the ham approx. 1/8th inch thin. It …

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Low Carb Zucchini Lasagna

This Low Carb Zucchini Lasagna is Super Yummy!! Using Zucchini strips in place of noodles is so much healthier for you and adding pepperoni takes it to a different level.

Tip: Slice zucchini, sprinkle with salt, let it sit, it will draw the water out of the strips, pat moisture off with paper towel.

Tomato …

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Low Carb Leek (Onion) Soup

I think you will be very surprise to find this Low Carb French Leek (Onion) Soup “Delicious” and wouldn’t think twice to serve to your guests. They would not know the difference!

Tip: This soup is actually better served the next day, gives it a chance for all the flavors to blend. Hmmmm, magnificent!!!

Low …

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Low Carb Chicken Wings

My husband took one bite of these Low Carb* Chicken Wings and could not put them down! They are simple to prepare minus refrigeration time, accompany with any kind of low carb sauce and your off and running.

Tip: If ever spraying Nonstick cooking spray, spray dish or pan in your dishwasher.
(It prevents overspray)…

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Low Carb Dreamy Pumpkin Dessert

I have made this *Low Carb Dreamy *Pumpkin Dessert many a time. One of the steps of preparing this dessert is to boil my water in the kettle and use the water as a bath to bake this Dreamy Pumpkin Dessert in. This time, Crackkkk!! broke one of the dishes.
Take 2! The next time …

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